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KfW financing of an innovative and sustainable food start-up - ready meals based on the low FODMAP diet

Finance your own business with good preparation – production and distribution of low FODMAP foods

Dr. Pranav Bihari and Mrs. Sarah Kalyanii Bihari founded the company FROYDA GbR in Berlin in 2020.

The company produces low FODMAP foods. This diet reduces the symptoms of irritable bowel disease. The products are also lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan.

A low-FODMAP diet is difficult and time-consuming to implement, especially for vegetarians and vegans. FROYDA's mission is to make this diet much easier with delicious and balanced plant-based ready meals.

Pranav Bihari
"We were very satisfied with the cooperation. We would love to do that again anytime. "

The business idea came about because Ms. Bihari has been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome for twelve years. The low FODMAP diet has helped her to have a better quality of life. However, it was difficult for her to follow this diet consistently, since there are hardly any ready-to-eat products available in Germany and there is not always time to cook for yourself.

Investments, especially in an in-house production kitchen, were necessary to expand the company. Financing via a KfW loan was the first choice, but help was needed with the application and, in particular, with the preparation of the business plan.

The search for a service provider became concrete when we contacted imc.

The Bihari couple commissioned imc management consultancy with the following tasks at an early stage:

  • Checking the documents for feasibility of the project
  • Preparation of financing, business plan creation, funding programs
  • Which funding programs are relevant because no collateral is available?
  • Which banks come into question and are permanently behind the project?

The open points could be clarified quickly. It was also advantageous that no steps had been taken of our own and that imc was brought on board from the start.

The production kitchen was financed with the help of imc via a KfW start-up fee.

VIDEO imc-services.de | Foundation of an innovative and sustainable food startup using the example of Froyda GbR

Monitoring of the entire process by imc

Dr. Bihari commissioned imc management consultancy with the following tasks at an early stage:

  • Creation of the corporate concept, clarification of all open questions
  • Preparation of the financing, selection of a KfW loan and a funding program
  • Addressing banks by imc
  • Examination of further documents
  • Coaching of the overall process


Andreas M. IdelmannAndreas M. Idelmann
- Diplom-Betriebswirt -
  • Fast processing of the entire process
  • Professional communication and clarification of emerging issues
  • Security for founders: project management and clarification of open questions by imc
  • Inexpensive financing and inclusion of subsidies

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